Anytone-AT-D868 Digital Radio

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My Radio


Anytone Home Web Page

The Anytine is manufactured by Qixiang Electron Science Technology Co.,Ltd
Qixiang Electron Science Technology Co.,Ltd
Telephone:(86)595-22656925 (86)595-22656926
Address:Qixiang Building, Tangxi Industrial Zone, Luojiang District, Quanzhou 362011, Fujian, China



Programming Interface

USB CDC (Communications Device Class) ACM (Abstract Control Model) is a vendor-independent publicly documented protocol that can be used for emulating serial ports over USB.

As opposed to a USB stack, implemented in software-only or a dedicated UART to USB bridge, such as FTDI or Prolific chips.


Updating the firmware

The radio must be placed into firmware update mode.

Press and hold both the PTT button and the orange PF3 button and turn on the radio.
The red LED light near the on/off switch will blink slowly. Theradio is now ready to accept the firmware.

This document explains the prpcedure:


Updating Contacts

Direct link to download the latest DMR ID database formatted for Anytone D868UV:

Note that this csv file has the callsign concatenated with the name and displayed in the "name" field and the "callsign" field is left blank. This allows for the way that the Anytone displays the data on the radio's screen.
Anytone D868UV Contact ID DMR Database from John 'Miklor' K3NXU:


Microphone and Speaker Pinouts



Base Band SCT3258 Processor IC

SCT3258 Block Diagram

SCT3258 is a low power high performance base band processor supporting DPMR and DMR protocol. With an external codec (audio band ADC and DAC), it completes the entire physical layer and data link layer, and most of the call control layer processing of DPMR and DMR protocol
An Abridged Datasheet can be found here: Specific errors can be resolved by updating the Base Band SCT3258 IC.



There is a great deal of reference information on Jason Reilly's site:

Glenn Lyons VK4PK
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