FreeDMR-512.webp The FreeDMR Network in Brisbane

  1. Introduction
  2. Requirements
  3. Supporting Pages
  4. Download the Codeplug
  5. Install the Retevis Codeplug Programming Application
  6. Write the Codeplug to the RT3S
  7. Setup the Simplex Hotspot
  8. Test the installation
  9. DroidStar on your Phone



A quick link to the latest version of the RT3s Codeplug:

Credits: Improverments by Bruce VK4EHT

My objective is to set up a "getting started" configuration for FreeDMR in Brisbane/SE Queensland. I have made this as simple as possible.

This configuration is based around a basic set of static Talk Groups; 505 (Calling), 5054 (Queensland), 5050 (Antartic/nets), 50500 (nets), and 9990 (parrot).

It utilises all the access methods available in Brisbane/SE Queensland as at April 2024. They are VK4RDB, VK4RBA, Simplex Hotspots, and DroidStar. As an extra, a link to DroidStar settings are included at the end of the Page. DroidStar does not make use a Codeplug as Talk Group are entered as you connect.

This page is a guide on how to install the Codeplug for the Retevis RT3s handheld radio for operation on the FreeDMR network. This Codeplug is an enhancement of the previous Brisbane Amateur Radio Club's codeplug: it has all the general channels of the VKDMR Codeplug with the addition of a single Zone dedicated to FreeDMR

It is developed with the RT3s and a simplex Jumbospot style hotspot, specifically:

The Codeplug has channels to use any one of the following access points:

Please Note The Bayside District Amateur Radio Society's VK4RDB repeater at Mount Cotton, Brisbane has a non-standard implementation of FreeDMR with only Time Slot two available to FreeDMR. Time Slot one is allocated to BrandMeister. The standard implementation of FreeDMR is to allocate both time slots to FreeDMR with static talk groups on time slot one and Dial-a-TG dedicated to time slot two. This can lead to confusion if this is not kept in mind when programming a FreeDMR channels into a Codeplug.



You will need a programming cable, and Retevis RT3s radio, a computer, and a conection to the internet:

Retevis-Prog-Cable Retevis-RT3.png laptop.jpeg internet.jpeg


Supporting Pages

There are also a number of surporting web Pages that may or may not be required: [Top][FreeDMR]

Download the Codeplug

This Codeplug is built for the standard RT3Ss with channels for repeaters in the Brisbane and South East Queensland. Download this file and save it on your computer.

Click on this link to download the Codeplug:

Extract the zip file to get the .rdt images file and save in a known folder.

Install the Retevis Codeplug Programming Application

If you do not have the Codeplug software application installed on your computer then goto this Page:


Write the Codeplug to the RT3S

Attach the RT3s to the computer with the programming cable. Run the Codeplug Software (CPS). As a backup read the radio and save the images. Open the Codeplug image (.rdt) file that you downloaded and write it to the radio.

While in the Codeplug software (CPS) and before writing this Codeplug to your radio you MUST update your callsign and unique RadioID. Note that the Codeplug comes with the RadioID set to 1 and the callsign blank. You will not be able to connect to the network untill you update you RadioID.


Setup the Simplex Hotspot

Once the hotspot is configured there are two fields that require alteration to change DMR Networks. They DMR Master and the DMR Options and they are both in the DMR Configuration stanza.

Go to tyour favourite web Browse and find your hotspot. Typing pi-star.local into the search bar usually works.

Enter the configuration page. This page is password protected so you will need to know the login name and password. Scroll further down to the DMR Configuration stanza and find the field DMR Master

Set DMR Master to FreeDMR_Australia

In the same stanza find the field DMR Options.

Set DMR Options: to TS2=505,5050;DIAL=0;VOICE=1;LANG=en_GB;SINGLE=1;TIMER=10;

Do not forget to Apply Changes.


For an explanation of the DMR Options see Frequently Asked Questions

Scroll down to the [General Configuration] stanza.

Test the installation

Start with the parrot TG9990 as make a test call to each of the repeaters in range. Make a test call on as many of the other channels as possible. Start with the call Talk Group 505.


DroidStar on your Phone

For those interestered in radioless access to FreeDMR there is DriodStar. This page describe how to set up DroidStar to access the FreeDMR network.


Glenn Lyons VK4PK
Ver:gnl20230217 - pre published v1.1