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This software connects to M17, Fusion (YSF/FCS, DN and VW modes are supported), DMR, P25, NXDN, D-STAR (REF/XRF/DCS) reflectors and AllStar nodes (as an IAX2 client) over UDP. It is compatible with all of the AMBE USB devices out there (ThumbDV, DVstick 30, DVSI, etc). Digital-Modes/AMBE-Advanced-Multiband-Excitation/AMBE-Advanced-Multiband-Excitation.html

It also supports MMDVM modems and can be used as a hotspot, or as a stand-alone transceiver via direct mode to the MMDVM device. This software is open source and uses the cross platform C++ library called Qt. It will build and run on Linux, Windows, MacOS, Android, and iOS.


Android Play Store

The DroidStar application is available from the Google Playstore.



DroidStar on the iPhone

I beleive that DroidStar is available for the iPhone under the TestFlight program. As I do not own an iPhone I cannot attest to that.

TestFlight Program:



Project github Repository



Main tab with FreeDMR_Australia Master





Use separate ESSID fo reach Device

After setting the DMR-ID, make sure you use a separate ESSID for each device you wish to use. For example ESSID=1 for the Handheld Radio, ESSID=2 for the MMDVM Hotspot, ESSID=3 for the Tablet, and ESSID=4 for the mobile phone. Each device has should have a unique ESSID or you will show up on the DMR server as a duplicate and may receive a rebuke form the system admininstrator.


Vocoder Plugins

A vobcoder is required for DMR and other modes that use the AMBE application. This vobcoder are available from various sites. Search google for "DroidStar vobcoder plugin" if the link below is broken. Download and install the "vocoder_plugin.android.arm64" file.

Note: The vobcode has been emulated in software so it is not necessary to purchase a dongle containing the AMBE chipset. You should be aware that the legality of the software vobcoder is in doubt. As a result the vobcoder files will likely move to a new addresses over time.



The github Repository

For the more advanced the source code is open and available on github


Glenn Lyons VK4PK
Ver:gnl20211125 - pre published v0.9