The VK4RDB DMR Repeater

  1. Bayside District Amateur Radio Society MMDVM Repeater
  2. DMR Gateway

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Bayside District Amateur Radio Society MMDVM Repeater


The VKRDB repeater site is operated by Bayside District Radio Society Incorporated and is located on Mt Cotton Mt. Cotton in South East Queensland

The DMR repeater is a MMDVM shield on A Raspberry Pi Model 3 driving an ICOM FR-3000 analogue FM repeater.

As at June 2020, the Pi-Star version is V3.4.17. and the currect version at this date is V4.1.2
As at August 2020, the Pi-Star version is still 3.4.17 and the current version at this date is still V4.1.2

Upgrade media is available at and a detailed explanation on the update and upgrade process is available here:

The ID of this repeater is 505424. See search page for more information.


DMR Gateway

Note that Network 1 is enable as BM_Australia_5051 at IP address and is making use of the Rewrite-Rules to redirect TG9 to the local repeater, 505424 and All the VK-DMR talk groups.

WARNING - Any edits made directly to configuration files will be over written by the Pi-Star administration screen if the "Apply Change" is selected. To preserve the manual edits all future edits must be done manually, directly to the configuration files.

Network 2 is enabled as DMR+_IPSC2-Australian at IP address

The ID has been changed to "Id=505999 # actual ID is 505424" in case someone tries to cut an past with the appropriate edits.


Glenn Lyons VK4PK
Ver:gnl20200609 - pre published v0.9