Nextion Human Machine Interface LCD

  1. Installation of the Nextion Editor
  2. Selected Development Model is the NX4832T035
  3. Hardware Installation
  4. Tutorials


Installation of the Nextion Editor

Download and Install the Nexton Editor (Windows Only):


Selected Development Model is the NX4832T035

The Nextion LCD that has been seleced for initial development with for the Homebrew Lightning Detector is the NX4832T035.

A general description of the NExtion and TJC Modules can be found here. Electronic-Devices/Nextion-HMI-LCD-Display/Nextion-HMI-LCD-Display.html

The TJC version, which is cheaper, are marketed for Chinese Market and support and proramming is Chinese language locked.

The LCD uses Async RS232 (5V) style protocol and plugs into the LCD header pins on the Splat board. Firmware, a .hmi file for the LCD has to be programmed into the LCD before use

The Nextion Editor programs the LCD using the .hmi file over USB to Serial or by transfering on a Micro SD Card. The Programming editor is Windows based and can be download free of charge.


Hardware Installation

Manufacture a Serial adapter:



Nextion Display with Arduino – Getting Started:

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