Nextion HMI LCD Touch Screen

  1. The Nextion and TJC HMI Display Units
  2. Specification
  3. Nextion Editor on Linux
  4. TJC4024T032_011
  5. Chipsets
  6. Chip Level Components by Stuart VK4MSL
  7. Installing The TJC Editor and English language patch
  8. Nextion Models
  9. References


The Nextion and TJC HMI Display Units

Model: 3.2" inch USART HMI 400*240 TJC4024T032 Basic HMI UART Serial Touch TFT LCD Display Panel




Nextion is a seamless Human Machine Interface (HMI) solution that provides a control and visualization interface between a human and a process, machine, application or appliance. Nextion is mainly applied to Internet of thing (IoT) or consumer electronics field.


Nextion Editor on Linux

Download gecko.msi:

Download mono.msi:






  • References
  • Chip Type Chipset Description Datasheet
    CPU STM32F030C8T6 Mainstream Arm Cortex-M0 Value line MCU with 64Kb of Flash memory,
    and a 48 MHz CPU
    Winbond 25Q32 JVSIQ 3V 32M-Bit Serial Flash Memory with Dual/Quad SPI & QPI & DTR www.winbond 2002242017.pdf
    HR2046/XPT2046 The XPT2046 is a 4-wire resistive touch screen controller that
    incorporates a 12-bit 125 kHz sampling SAR type A/D converter
    LCD QR4_5521S01


    Chip Level Components by Stuart VK4MSL

    Some of the parts identified:

    3V 32M-Bit Serial Flash Memory with Dual/Quad SPI & QPI & DTR:

    STM32F030C8 ACTIVE Education Save to myST Mainstream Arm Cortex-M0 Value line MCU with 64 Kbytes of Flash memory, 48 MHz CPU:

    The 'C' indicates its one of the 48-pin parts and the 8 at the end tells us it has 64Kbytes of flash. (Page 89 of product specification.) - HR2046 looks to be one of many clones with *2046 part numbers including Texas Instruments/Burr Brown TSC2046 and the Shenzhen XPTEK XPT2046. - LCD display looks to be identical to the one used in this panel. which suggests the actual display controller is a SSD1289.
    240RGB x 320 TFT LCD Controller Driver Integrated Power Circuit, Gate and Source Driver with built-in RAM:

    [ Also see:
    240x320 Touch Screen 3.2"TFT LCD Module Display Arduino Library: and,

    ER-TFTM032-3_Datasheet TFT LCD Module Display: ]

    These are all relatively standard parts.

    I'd suggest that ignoring Tao Jing Chi's firmware and porting GUISlice to this would be a very real possibility if using their native software proves to be difficult.

    Both the touchscreen controller and the serial flash memory are SPI devices, theoretically they could be sharing a SPI bus… the STM32F030 has 6 USARTs (which support SPI as well as UART) and two dedicated SPI peripherals. Not all of those will be exposed on the 48-pin STM32F030C8 and not every pin can be used for SPI without having to bit-bang it.

    There's no SDIO peripheral, so the probability is that the MicroSD card is being driven in SPI mode too:

    It should be easy to discern whether these parts are sharing busses or not, just measure the resistance between the SCLK, MOSI/DI and MISO/DO pins of all parts, and see where those connect to the MCU.

    The other things we'd want would be the locations on the PCB where these signals are exposed from the MCU:

    If we found the SWD pins, it'd be trivial to lash up a Raspberry Pi's GPIO headers to those pins and tickle it with `openocd`.

    Stuart (aka Redhatter, VK4MSL)


    Installing The TJC Editor and English language patch

    NOTE: this is a Windows 10 application.

    Nextion market two version on their product line. There are NX boards, for the world market outside China, and TJC boards for mainland China. The boards are essencial the same. The TJC boards are approximatly half the price of the NX boards. To protect the two tier market Nextion nly offer the TJC Editor in the Chinese language. The patch below defeats this market control mechanism by patching an older version on the Editor to English.

    github for the USART-English-Patch-TJC Editor:

    Go to the [USART HMI] Software historical version download and select Version 0.57. The link for the download is below:
    V0.57 USART HMI software download:

    Save a run the Windows installation. Ignore the first screen, which is in Chinese, It is a prompt to upgrade to the latest versions. If this is done the patch will fail.

    Download "":

    Close the editor of ot running, unzip the patch and copy the two files, HMIFORM.dll and hmitype.dll into the Windows folder "Program Files (x86)\USART HMI\" and start up the editor. Be sure not to select an update to a current version. The patch will apply automatically and the editor should display in English. Be aware that may of the links take you to Chinese language pages.


    Nextion Models

    Model NX4024T032 NX4024K032 NX4832T035
    Nom Size 3.2" 82mm 3.2" 82mm 3.5" 89mm
    Display 69.6x41ref.8 69.6x41.8 73.4×48.9
    Resolution 400x240 400x240 480x320
    Flash 4Mb 16Mb 16Mb
    RAM 2048Byte 3584Byte 3584Byte
    eeprom Nil 1024 Nil
    Colors 65K 65K 65K
    Power 5V 85mA 5V 85mA 5V 145mA
    Touch Resistive Resistive Resistive
    GPIO No Yes No
    RTC Limited Yes Limited
    Micro Card 32G FAT32 32G FAT32 32G FAT32
    Approx Cost$43 $62 $52
    Datasheet linklinklink



    Playing with the Jaycar 2.8" TFT LCD touch screen XC4630:


    Glenn Lyons VK4PK
    Ver:gnl20181022 - pre published v0.9