Notes from Monday Night FreeDMR Net 20th March 2023

Facilitated by the Brisbane Amateur Radio Club A successful net was help Monday 20th March 2023 0900 UTC. Once again Les, VK4LEZ did a great job as net Controller.

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  1. VK4LEZ Les
  2. VK4PK Glenn
  3. VK4ANB Norm
  4. VK4DMB Doug
  5. VK4VVK Lin
  6. VK4MCU Martin
  7. VK4EHT Bruce
  8. VK4CEG Graham
  9. VK4JP Lindsay
  10. VK4DU Glenn
  11. VK4FDPM Damian
  12. VK4NSP Shaun
  13. VK4HTE Tom

A New Facebook Page: 505-FreeDMR

We have a New Facebook page 505 FreeDMR thanks to Glenn VK4DU. Sign in now at and Glenn will welcome you aboard. This page is dedicated to FreeDMR in Australia and great place to exchange information as wel as your thoughts and ideas.

This group is designed to bring together all Australian radio amateurs who are interested in the FreeDMR network. Why 505? 505 is the DMR country code for Australia and also is the number of the main Australian FreeDMR talk group.

Much more content is in the way.

The Motorola Repeaters

Fine tuning adjustments are being made to the interface to Motorola repeaters on the FreeDMR network.

Observations by Bruce VK4EHT

Interesting net.(I was Watching the dashboards. Thanks for the links Glenn)

NSP & PK had been trying to join the net from time to time earlier. When NSP was first called in by LEZ(Net control) , PK also replied a second or 2 later (RF into RDB). NSP hit the server first. While both were talking NSP was relayed to air by my hotspot & also by RBA However RDB was relaying PK (PK was RF into RDB) directly. NSP stopped talking first and the last bit of PK was heard on hotspot & RBA. The report you both heard from Lez way or may not have made sense as he would have heard you both in bits & pieces. Is this consistent with your experience?
VK4PK: Yes it was. I was woundering why I could not hear Les at the beginning.
In essence what you hear depends on where you are.

Call In Procedures
Others have called in from time to time & been missed. This happens on other nets too. This is understandable given the latency of digital networks. It is generally overcome by the net controller insisting that stations wishing to join a net in progress do not call randomly in any preceived gap in transmissions. To assure no one is left out the net controller announces (during the net) that there will be times later when any further stations can call in. Usually this happens after 5 or 6 overs so no one is out in the cold for too long. (Some may give up if ignored too long). Ths is done on the VKDMR net on tuesday night & works very well. Most of the Quadnet nets run this way too.


Bruce VK4EHT

Shaun VK4NSP Request

Shaun VK4NSP has requested you keep a log of issue on FreeDMR along with time of day and the access method eg hotspot or Repeater name. They can be poster on the 505-FreeDMR facebook Page.

Observations by Graham VK4CEG

I didn't receive any audio when Lin VK4VVK entered the net last night and same on the second round, zero audio. I heard everyone else, and Net controller heard me. Can someone please enlighten me if that is a simple setup problem? and, is it associated with the bad distortion I have to all the audio I receive with missing words and phrases during overs. I was direct through the repeater using a Retevis with external antenna.
VK4PK: I Don't know the answer to that without some more test, but you were user activating TG5050 on TS2 when the RBA repeater has TG5050 static on TS1. This should work but we need to update your CP to the latest one. Commendable that you are using a repeater and especially the club one.

Topics and Questions

Please suggest your topics for discussion and questions for future Monday Night Nets:
  1. How are you finding FreeDMR? Are you enjoying the new DMR Network?
  2. How are you accessing the Network, Simplex hotspot, duplex hotspot, or Repeater?
    What radios are you using?
  3. Is FreeDMR truly open? Have you tried more than one Repeater and Server?
    How do they differ? Do you like peer-to-peer architecture?
  4. How do you find the documentation for FreeDMR? Where do you find the best docs?
  5. Have you used Dial-a-TG and how do you find it works for you?

If there is an area of FreeDMR you have a question about, Please ASK. There are probably others with the same question.

Which are the best Dashboards?

There are many choices of Dskboards with FreeDMR. Each server has its own dashboards and then any MMDVM Repeater will have a PI-Star Dashboard. So there are basically two types of Dashboards, FreeDMR Servers type and the Pi-Star type. They are quite different in the way they present data. As to which is best is a matter of private opinion. I am currently using the FreeDMR-Australia Server so I have one sceen open on this and I am transmitting via the VK4RBA Repeater so I have it's Pi-Star Dashboard open on a second screen. For more details see: Dashboards Explained

FreeDMR has Many Servers

REMEMBER that FreeDMR has many servers to choose from (three in Australia) and each may be configured slightly differently. Each Repeater or Hotspot can connect to any of these servers world wide, can also be configured differently. Try to be aware of these differences. For example, FreeDMR allows you to configure Talk Groups as you see fit. (Where you have administration rights. For example, your hotspot.) There is no matrix to say what TG's are allowed or to specify a time slot.


In common usage kerchunk definition is, "with a sudden heavy blow or thump". (Wiktionary) For amateur's in general the term kerchunk means to key up the repeater to see if it is there. For amateur's in the digital world is means to open a User Activated repeater to gain service.

It just takes a few seconds on Push-to-Talk (PTT) button on the transceiver to user activate most repeaters, resulting in a kerchunk sound. Then the successive Push-to-Talk's will allow communication to occur until the timer expires which is configured on the repeater or the hotspot you are accessing. This is usually 10 to 15 minutes.

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Glenn Lyons VK4PK