FreeDMR-512.webp Dashboards Explained

  1. FreeDMR has Multiple Servers
  2. Which are the best Dashboards?
  3. Example of a FreeDMR Dashboard - Linked Systems
  4. Example of a FreeDMR Dashboard - Static TG
  5. Example of a Pi-Star Dashboard


FreeDMR has Multiple Servers

FreeDMR has many servers, ythey are all connected, and you can join any one of them with your hotspot by selecting the server in the DMR Master field in the Pi-Star configuration. In Australia we use one of three server by convention but you can use any server world wide if yoiu desire.
There are three Australian Servers and each has it's own dashboard.
  1. FreeDMR-Australia
  2. FreeDMR-Australia-2
  3. FreeDMR-Australia-3


Which are the best Dashboards?

There are many choices of Dasboards with FreeDMR. Each server has its own dashboards and then any MMDVM Repeater will have a PI-Star Dashboard. So there are basically two types of Dashboards, FreeDMR Servers type and the Pi-Star type. They are quite different in the way they present data. As to which is best is a matter of private opinion. I am currently using the FreeDMR-Australia Server so I have one sceen open on this and I am transmitting via the VK4RBA Repeater so I have it's Pi-Star Dashboard open on a second screen.

Click on this tab:
Points otare Note:


Example of a FreeDMR Dashboard - Static TG

Click on this tab:

Points ot Note:

  1. The first column shows who is connected to this server
  2. The Last Columns shows how that have setup their Static Talk Groups.
  3. This is useful to check your own Hotspot to make sure it is connected and how your Statics are setup.
  4. Note the RadioID of users is shown in brackets.


Example of a Pi-Star Dashboard


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