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Model: msc-030103 0014-0168 (From the shipping packaging)

User Manuals

This manual is the most relevant to my NanoVNA Version.
NanoVNA - Vector Network Analyzer - User Guide - WA5OKO 01/14/2020

NanoVNA (Version H2 / H4)
A Vectorial Network Analyser covering 50kHz to 1500MHz and a Time Domain Reflectometer:
Version 1.0 - Author: Gunthard Kraus, DG8GB - Tettnang / Germany, May 5th , 2020

NanoVNA User Guide:
NanoVNA-User-Guide.pdf.pdf [local PDF] - NanoVNA-F - Network Analyzer Incomplete Manual v1.0.[PDF]:


Nano Saver


Android Application

Install this application here: (Require an OTG cable and the USB "C" cable)



HexAndFlex - Getting Started with the NanoVNA:

nanoVNA software:


USB Device

Glenn Lyons VK4PK
Ver:gnl2020mmdd - pre published v0.9