HighPi Fan

  1. Connections
  2. gpio
  3. Loading Kernel Modules
  4. Fan Control Circuit
  5. Fan Control




Pin Connection
ColourPin NoDescription
Red 4+5V
Blue 8GPIO 14/TXD




Loading Kernel Modules

Must reboot after editing /boot/config.txt


Fan Control Circuit

If you want to control speed or on/off of fan you will need to use a transistor as a gpio pin is only 3.3V and can not supply enough current to drive a fan directly.

Typical circuit diagram for transistor control of fan.:


The base resistor shown at 1K can be reduced to 560 or even 470 if needed.

You may find the bc547 is not suitable as it has a max current of just 100mA.


Fan Control

https://stackoverflow.com/questions/41819683/how-can-i-control-a-fan-with-gpio-on-a-raspberry-pi-3-using-python if the high pitch sound of the fan is irritating, you could try to run it on 3,3 volts instead of the 5volts. you could put this in /boot/config.txt but this will not preserved it. To make it permanent custom settings need to be added to /boot/userconfig.txt instead.

Glenn Lyons VK4PK
Ver:gnl20230104 - pre published v0.9