GPS Programming

Step 1. Wiring.jpg

This Arduino library was developed for the fastest and simplest communication with u-blox GPS modules, which support proprietary UBX protocol that is binary and therefore more compact than common NMEA. Main idea was to achieve real 10 Hz from NEO-7M and it was done. Huge thanks to iforce2d for a tutorial video whose code is laid in the basics of the library.

This library depends on GPS module configuration and can handle only one type of UBX packet at a time, which you can choose during GPS module configuration. UbxGps provides easy-to-use interface to all the available data in accordance with the Protocol Specification that you can find in the Docs directory. Also, full description of properties is accessible in the source codes.

Glenn Lyons VK4PK
Ver:gnl2021224 - pre published v0.9