Hermes Lite 2

  1. Quisk Software
  2. OpenHPSDR-PowerSDR (Windows Only)
  3. 100Watt Power Amplifier - nxp-mrf-101
  4. SDR
  5. HL2 SDR Introduction
  6. Learning about Hermes Lite 2

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Quisk Software

QUISK is a Software Defined Radio (SDR) transceiver. You supply radio hardware that converts signals at the antenna to complex (I/Q) data at an intermediate frequency (IF). Data can come from a sound card, Ethernet or USB. Quisk then filters and demodulates the data and sends the audio to your speakers or headphones. For transmit, Quisk takes the microphone signal, converts it to I/Q data and sends it to the hardware.


OpenHPSDR-PowerSDR (Windows Only)

OpenHPSDR-PowerSDR mRX PS v3.4.9:


100Watt Power Amplifier - nxp-mrf-101

100W Amplifier Companion for the Hermes-Lite 2.x:

1W Input, 100W Output 1.8 - 54 MHz Amplifier Deck:

Low Pass Filters:

Power Supply an Monitors:



Dave M0TAZ - Hermes Lite v2 a 5w SparkSDR:


HL2 SDR Introduction

SDR School:


Learning about Hermes Lite 2

Introduction to the Hermes Lite:

How to setup Quisk for Hermes Lite 2:

How to setup the PA bias on the Hermes Lite 2:

Using a midi controller to control the Hermes Lite via Quisk:

How to connect the Hermes Lite 2 to a Rasberry Pi for testing:

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