Tait TB7100

  1. Connectors and Pinouts
    1. DB9 Female Rear View
  2. USB to Serial for Use with PC and Programming Software
  3. Programming Software
  4. Upgrading the Firmware
    1. Downloading the Firmware
  5. AllStarLink RIM to Repeater cable
    1. System Connector J106
  6. Repeater Builders RIM Lite db9 pinouts
  7. External System Connector - Cable Wiring Diagram
  8. Internal Cables and Looms
  9. Auxiliary Connectors
  10. Selection of Frequency Pairs for AllStar Test

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Front View
Rear View

Tait Download Page:

TB7100 Base Station Installation and Operation Manual (local)


Connectors and Pinouts

PinFunctionSignalCommentWire ColourDB9 Pin
1Not connectedGreen/WhiteN/C
2+13.8VOutput+13.8V 250mAGreenN/C
3TXD InputTransmit DataOrange/White2 RX
4PTT InputPTTBlueN/C
5MIC InputAudio InBlue/WhiteN/C
6GND GroundGroundOrange5 GND
7RXD Receive Data OutputReceive DataBrown/White3 TX
8Not connectedBrownN/C

Pins 3, 6 & 7 are used for the programming cable to the serial port.
Pins 2, 4, 5 & 6 are used for the Mic input.

DB9 Female Rear View

To null the connection so the cable will activate (fool) any hardware flow control signal that may be required, jumper the follow sets of pins. Connect pins 1,4 and 6 together and connect pins 7 and 9 together. Note that this is unlikely to be required for most modern equipment to operate successfully, especially USB to Serial adaptors.

DB9-Female-Rear-View.jpg db9m-pinout


USB to Serial for Use with PC and Programming Software

IOCrest USB to Serial (RS232, DB9 Male) Cable Adapter - FT231X PCI Vendor ID 0403 Product ID 6015:

USB-Serial USB-Serial-IOCrest


Programming Software

For programming the base station, the PROG / MIC port must be used


Upgrading the Firmware

Technical Note TN-1832b-SR
TB7100 Base Station Firmware v2.19 and PC App v1.22 - 6 December 2012

Note the section:
Before you change any firmware:
  1. Using the latest programming application, read and save the module’s programming database.
  2. Using the latest calibration application, read and save the module’s calibration database.
After you have successfully changed the firmware, reprogram and recalibrate the module using the files saved above.

Downloading the Firmware

Download version 2.19.00 of the Firmware here:

In case htere has been a new version, check for the latest firmware here:
6 https://support.taitradio.com/systems-and-products/tb7100-base-stations-repeaters/tb7100?SQ_PAINT_LAYOUT_NAME=rcsoftwarefirmware


AllStarLink RIM to Repeater cable

System Connector J106


Repeater Builders RIM Lite db9 pinouts



External System Connector - Cable Wiring Diagram



Internal Cables and Looms

TB7100 Installation and Operation Manual - Tait Limited November 2012 Connections - Page 45



Auxiliary Connectors

The Tx and RX plugs are wires as one, so this one table applies to both.


Source: Page 52 TB7100_Base_Station-Installation_and_Operation_Manual-MBB-00001-06.pdf


Selection of Frequency Pairs for AllStar Test

RX Freq: 434.725 MHz (Uplink) TX Freq: 439.725 MHz Offset: -5.0 MHz CTCSS: 91.5 whne employed

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