Retevis RT3S DMR Radio

  1. The RT3S/TYT MD-UV380
  2. Firmware Upgrade
  3. RProgramming the RT3sadio Software
  4. The RT3S Manual
  5. The Brisbane Amateur Radio Club Codeplug
  6. VK4NGA's Code Plug and More
  7. Using a DMR Radio
  8. Talk Groups and Time Slots
  9. Matt VK2-FLY's VKDMR Site
  10. Hardware Specifications
  11. OpenGD77 Firmware Installation on the TYT MD-UV380/RT-3S
  12. Open RTX Development Status
  13. References


Note: The RT3S is also distributed as the TYT MD-UV380.





Firmware Upgrade

This is Ailunce's page describing the Firmware Upgrade Procedure:

STEP 1. Interrogate the radio and record the Version Numbers:
Menu --> Utilities --> Radio Info --> Versions
Firmware Vers: P018 and CP Vers: V01.12


STEP 2. Download the RT3S that contains the Firmware and the Code Plug Software:

Programming the RT3s STEP 3 - Unzip this to create a directory "RT3S-Software" containing two folders "RT3S-firmwareV3.04" and "RT3S Software". The firmware folder contains: The Software folder contains:
"RT3S_GPS_Software" and "RT3S_Software". Select the directory without the GPS as this is not implemented on the VKDMR network. There in is the required "RT3S V1.2.exe".

RProgramming the RT3sadio Software

Download the latest Firmware, Code Plug Software, and USB Driver, from here:


The RT3S Manual

Downlaod the User Manual - The Guide to Programming the Radio form here:


The Brisbane Amateur Radio Club Codeplug

It is far easier to start with a pre made codeplug and make changes to is to suit your personal needs. You MUST edit the codeplg to add your personal Radio ID and Callsign. At the smae time check the repeater abd their talk groups are to your liking.

Download this Codeplug as a starting point:


VK4NGA's Code Plug and More

This is a codeplug designed for hotspot use. Includes VK-DMR, Brandmeister, Free DMR, TGIF. with Duplex zone frequencies in radio: RX 434.175 TX 439.175mhz.

Git hub - VK4NGA/RT3S-Retevis RT3S Codeplugs and other stuff


Using a DMR Radio

Here are some rules to follow when using a DMR radio:
  1. Wherever possible use a Repeater Station. If signal strength is down use an antenna adaptor and an external attenna.
  2. The DMR network need time to settle between overs. Count to ten between overs.
  3. Where possible have a Dashboard running and watch what is goin on.
  4. Call on TG505 TS2 and move to a TS1 TG with least coverage area.


Talk Groups and Time Slots

There are only two Time Slots (TS), so we must make the best use of them. The correct procedure is to call on TG505 and then QSY to a slot 1 TG, as this leaves slot 2 free for other stations to call on 505 Current practice is to call on TG505 and leave gaps between overs for others to call.
NOTE This only works while there is minimal traffic on TG505.

Programming the RT3s [Top][Home]

Matt VK2-FLY's VKDMR Site

A host of Statistics on the VKDMR Network:

Repeater Status:


Hardware Specifications

Tytera MD-UV380, Tytera MD-UV390, and Retevis RT3s:


OpenGD77 Firmware Installation on the TYT MD-UV380/RT-3S

This firmware is an Alpha version, meaning not all functionality from the OpenGD77 is included and that the firmware will have many bugs.

Video describing the installation of the OpenGD77 Firmware:

Rodger Clarke, VK3KYY's installation instructions of the OpenGD77 firmware as at 17th September 2022:


Open RTX Development Status



References - Amateur Radio Hobbies and Projects - RT3s page:

VK2IDL's Retevis RT3S Page:

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