Radioddity GD77S Voice Enabled

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    This Radio is voice enabled. Voice prompts are available for: Specifications: The User Manual is available from:

    A FAQ is available here:


    Rick VK4HC, has produced a codeplug, "Damo-13_5_18-from-Rick.dat" for the Radioddity GD-77S to work the Mt Coot-tha repeater and produced these instructions.

    You will need a programming cable and to unzip and install the GD-77S CPS (Codeplug Software), as well as the Damo-13_5_18-from-Rick.dat codeplug data file. Both can be downloaded from the BDARS Dropbox folder:

    Direct link to the BDARS Dropbox Download Folder.

    The Codeplug Software application can also be downloaded from:

    Firstly, established that you can hit the VK4RMC Mt Cooth-tha repeater (o/p 439.975 i/p 434.975 MHz) from your Location with a known working DMR radio.

    The GD-77S Code Plug (CP) is programmed with the following Zones/Channels:

    • Zone 1 (voice says Mode 1) - Analogue
      • Channel 1 - BDARS 2m
      • Channel 2 - BDARS 70cm
      • Channel 3 - Simplex 146.55MHz
    • Zone 2 (voice says Mode 2) - VK4RMC (Mt Coot-tha) - DMR
      • Channel
      • 1 TG9 TS 1 Local
      • 2 TG505 TS2 Australia
      • 3 TG3800 TS2 Australia
      • 4 TG3801 TS2 ACT
      • 5 TG3802 TS2 NSW
      • 6 TG3803 TS2 VIC
      • 7 TG3804 TS2 QLD
      • 8 TG3805 TS2 SA
      • 9 TG3806 TS2 VIC
      • 10 TG3807 TS2 TAS
      • 11 TG3808 TS2 VK8
      • 12 TG3809 TS2 VK9
      • 13 TG9999 TS2 DMR Parrot 1
      • 14 TG9998 TS2 DMR Parrot 2
      • 15 TG143 TS1 DMR+UK
      • 16 TG153 TS1 DMR+S. Pacific
    The buttons are as follows;
    Button Short press Long press
    SK1 (1st one under the PTT) Zone select Nothing programmed yet
    SK2 (2nd one under the PTT) Channel info Channel info
    TK (Top button next to antenna) High/low power select Long press = Scan On/off

    All the above channels are in the scan list but the scan function has not been tested.

    Glenn Lyons VK4PK - Content by Rick VK4HC
    Ver:gnl12052018 - pre published v0.9