Icom IC7300

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  2. wsjt-x Vers 2.1.0 Settings
  3. Connecting with fldigi
  4. Firmware Update
  5. USB Interface
  6. ICOM Remote access with RS-BA1
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Icom Support


Full Manual:


wsjt-x Vers 2.1.0 Settings

Software setup on Linux:

IC7300 Settings:
MENU --> SET --> Connectors -->
    Screen 1/4 -->
        ACC/USB Output Select   --> AF
        ACC/USB AF Output Level --> 10%
        ACC/USB AF SQL --> OFF (Open)
        ACC/USB AF Beep/Speech... Output --> OFF
    Screen 2/4
        ACC/USB IF Outotut Level --> 50%
        ACC MOD Level --> 50%
        USB MOD Level --> 50%
        DATA OFF MOD --> MIC,ACC
    Screen 3/4
        DATA MOD    --> USB
        External Keypad
            VOICE   --> OFF
            KEYER   --> OFF
            RTTY    --> OFF
            Screen 1/2
                CI-V Baud Rate --> 9600
                CI-V Address --> 94h
                CI-V Transceive --> OFF
                CI-V USB to REMOTE Transceive Address --> 00h
            Screen 2/2
                CI-V Output (for ANT) --> OFF
                CI-V USB Port --> Unlink from [REMOTE]
                CI-V USB Baud Rate --> 19200
                CI-V USB Echo Back --> ON
        USB Serial Function --> CIV
    Screen 4/4
        RTTY Decode Baud Rate --> 9600 (greyed out)
        USB SEND/Keying
            USB SEND --> OFF
            USB Keying (CW) --> OFF
            USB Keying (RTTY) --> OFF
            Inhibit Timer at USB Connection --> ON

Connecting with fldigi

Fldigi is a modem program for most of the digital modes used by radio amateurs today: CW, PSK, MFSK, RTTY, Hell, DominoEX, Olivia, and Throb are all supported. It can help calibrate a sound card to a time signal and do frequency measurement tests.



Firmware Update

To determine Current Version:
On the radio --> Menu Button --> Set Tab --> etc. Others --> Information Main CPU: 1.30 DSP Program: 1.07 DSP Data: 1.00 FPGA: 1.13 To Update the Firmware:

Download the firmware: http://www.icom.co.jp/world/support/download/firm/IC-7300/1_30/
Unzip the file and save the .dat The Release Notes indicate upgrade to the following levels: To Determine the current versions:

On the radio To apply the Firmware:

On the radio


USB Interface



ICOM Remote access with RS-BA1


The application and documentation can be downloaded from here:

A purchased licence key is required to activate the RS-BA1 application.

Changed USB cables, update the cp2101 driver to the latest 26/11/2018, update IC7300 to latst FW 7300_130. Radio set to 115200, port set to 115200 and it will only comment at 9600.

The RS-BA1 Ver 2.10 has a "Connect Setting" Tab. If I set it to anything other than 4800 9600 or 19200 it will give "Communication failed. Cannot access Radio." the solution is as follows:

To use the spectrum scope with RS-BA1 :
On the IC-7300:

In RS-BA1 Application: https://klop.solutions/settings-for-ic-7300-and-rs-ba1/

Icom RS-BA1 Manuals:
RS-BA1 Remote Control Software - Quick Reference Guide

If the application is already installed and your try to install again without explicitly deleteing it you get this obscure message:



The Settings for WSJT are:

These setting are incompatible with RS-BA1 and cannot be changed remotely. then the remote wouldn't work. That is how I ended up using the two conections. I wanted to be able to use the remote software for voice and switch over to remote desktop to do digital.






Glenn Lyons VK4PK
Ver:gnl20190301 - pre published v0.9