Installing the Pi-Star Image

  1. How to Ugrade
  2. Downlod Pi-Start
  3. Prepare the SD Card
  4. Install to an SD Card
  5. WIFI NetworkSetup
  6. Setup and COnfiguration


How to Ugrade

Upgrading an existing hotspot from Pi-Star V3.#.## to Pi-Star V4:


Downlod Pi-Start

Download the Pi-Star Media:


Prepare the SD Card


Install to an SD Card

Installing operating system
  • images on Linux:


    WIFI NetworkSetup

    For each additional WiFi connection, increment the ID by one and decrement the priority by one.

    Upon boot-up, the file is moved to:/etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf and becomes the installed wireless network settings.


    Setup and COnfiguration

    1. Perform an update.
    2. Check beacon settings
      Expert Mode --> MMDVMHost --> DMR Section
      -->> Set Beacon=0, BeaconInterval=0, BeaconDuration=0
    3. Setup OLED: (Organic Light-Emitting Diodes)
      • select “Configuration”
      • set the “MMDVM Display Type” to “OLED”
      • select “Expert”
      • select “MMDVMHost” For 0.96” (24mm) OLED screen, select “Type” “3”. For 1.3” (33mm) OLED screen, select “Type” “6”. if the diagonal dimension of your OLED is 24mm you want OLED type 3, if it is 33mm then type 6.

        OLED configuration:

          Glenn Lyons VK4PK

          Ver:gnl20201013 - pre published v0.9