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SOTA - Summits Of The Air


The main International Database:

The Australian Database:

The Australian site is where you can find how to submit logs etc. However, the maps there are out of date. It is preferable to use the SOTA Maps site.


SOTA Maps,153.399838/11.7

Select this option by choosing VK under "Choose association")

The best parks mapping is on the parksnpeaks website. On the right hand side is a maps button. and on that page you can download kml files for each state and load it into google maps.

or in the tools menu on the main page you can do a search of your location +500km etc. and it gives you that as a kml file. This is under a heading called "close to me" and I've found that useful for initial research etc.

The parksnpeaks map is quite good too as it will use your gps to show you what parks and peaks you are close to.


WWFF - World Wide Flora And Fauna

WWFF, World Wide Flora and Fauna in Amateur Radio, is encouraging to leave your shack and go outside portable operating in Protected Flora@Fauna areas (PFF) all over the world.

More than 24.000 Protected Flora@Fauna (PFF) areas, world wide are already registered in our WWFF Directory.

VKFF - Peaks and Parks

Activators and Hunters


Parks and Peaks Registration

Use this form to register to allow spotting of Park or Portable activity:

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