Linux Sound

  1. Abreviations
  2. Usefull Commands
  3. Scripts
  4. ALSA - Advanced Linux Sound Architecture
  5. Pulse-Audio
  6. Jack Audio
  7. paprefs
  8. IC7300's USB Devices
  9. Plug-in USB Sound Cards/Devices
  10. How to Switch Audio Device on the Fly
  11. Audacity
  12. Alpha Audio
  13. lv2
  14. Cleanfeed
  15. Dummy Output and system is not playing audio
  16. References




Usefull Commands




ALSA - Advanced Linux Sound Architecture



To direct microphone to the speakers:
The way I learned the name of the output device (sink) and input device (source) was to use these 2 commands:

Create a loopback - P.A.type system:

To apply echo cancellation:


Jack Audio

JACK Audio Connection Kit:

Working with Internal Audio Routing:



PulseAudio Preferences (paprefs) is a simple GTK based configuration dialog for the PulseAudio sound server. Please note that this program can only configure local servers, and requires that a special module module-gsettings is loaded in the sound server.


IC7300's USB Devices

The IC7300's USB interface has the following devices:


Plug-in USB Sound Cards/Devices


How to Switch Audio Device on the Fly



apt install audacity:


Alpha Audio



LV2, an acronym for LADSPA Version 2, is a set of royalty-free open standards[1] for plug-ins and matching host applications. It includes support for the synthesis and processing of digital audio and CV, events such as MIDI and OSC, and provides a free alternative to audio plug-in standards such as Virtual Studio Technology (VST) and Audio Units (AU).



Cleanfeed is multitrack, multi-party live audio and recording using only a browser.


Dummy Output and system is not playing audio




Independent ALSA and linux audio support site - MultipleCards:

How to use Pulse to manage sound on Linux::

Understanding Linux Audio:


Configuring Sound on Linux/HW Address:

How do you set a default audio output device in Ubuntu 18.04?:

How do you switch the audio out from the speakers to a USB speaker from the command line?:

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