VK4RMC 70cm Repeater

  1. RFI BA4040 Dual Binary Array
  2. Repeater Hardware



There is no CW ident and this will allow the club to ident VK4RMC via the node, saves CW crashing over IRLP / Echolink etc.

This is also a mixed mode repeater being analog & P25 FM radios should be for 91.5 Hz encode and 91.5 Hz decode so as not to hear not hear the P25 data.

Repeater Details:


RFI BA4040 Dual Binary Array

Soure: https://www.rfiamericas.com/product/uhf-omnidirectional-dipole-array-2-x-3dbd-400-520mhz-pim-rated/


Repeater Hardware

See TB9400 Repeater

Glenn Lyons VK4PK
Ver:gnl20230601 - pre published v0.9