WL101-341 443Mhz Tx and Rx Modules

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433Mhz-Modules-01.jpg 433Mhz-Modules-01.jpg

[Receiver module ] Product Model: WL101-341
WL101-341   superheterodyne wireless receiver module is receiving UHF ASK demodulators support ASK and OOK modulation. The receiver module has high sensitivity (-110dBm),
Low-power performance, along with high dynamic range (greater than 60dB). Module uses highly integrated chip, built front-end low-noise amplifier,Mixers, filters, frequency synthesizer circuit, etc., can maximize the signal optimization.
1.Support ASK / OOK modulation, the receiver sensitivity of -110dBm;
2.Operating frequency: 433.92 MHz, bandwidth of about ± 150KHz;
3.mains input voltage range: 3.0V-5V;
    Working current:   Type :5.0mA (Requirement:VDD=5V) ; Type :6.0mA (Requirement:VDD=3V)
4. Quiescent Current: 1uA
5. Low power consumption;
6. good selectivity and spurious radiation suppression, and easy to pass CE / Fcc international certification;
7. Good local oscillator radiation suppression, multiple receiver module to work with (ie, more than single income) and will not interfere with each other, used together without affecting the receiving distance;
8. multiple transmission rates, the general module for 2KHz, up to 10KHz;
9. Temperature range: -40-85 °C
10. ultra-small size of 30.25 × 8.5 × 1 (mm) (can be customized according to customer)
11.External antenna: 32CM single core wire, wound into a spiral
Package Included:
Receiver module       * 1pcs
Transmitter module   * 1pcs
Antenna * 2pcs  (Short antenna for Transmitter; long antenna for Receiver.)

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