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RFID-RC522-module-1.jpg RC522-RFID-module-pinout.png

The RC522 is a 13.56MHz RFID module that is based on the MFRC522 controller from NXP semiconductors. The module can supports I2C, SPI and UART and normally is shipped with a RFID card and key fob. It is commonly used in attendance systems and other person/object identification applications.



Pin NumberPin NameDescription
1 Vcc Used to Power the module, typically 3.3V is used
2 RST Reset pin – used to reset or power down the module
3 Ground Connected to Ground of system
4 IRQ Interrupt pin – used to wake up the module when a device comes into range
5 MISO/SCL/Tx MISO pin when used for SPI communication, acts as SCL for I2c and Tx for UART.
6 MOSI Master out slave in pin for SPI communication
7 SCK Serial Clock pin – used to provide clock source
8 SS/SDA/Rx Acts as Serial input (SS) for SPI communication, SDA for IIC and Rx during UART




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