GY-BMP280 - Bosch BMP280 high-precision and low-power digital barometer

  1. Description
  2. Wiring Connections
  3. Electrical Specifications
  4. Pinouts
  5. i2c device permissions
  6. Raspberry Pi Code Example
  7. Description
  8. Wiring Connections
  9. Electrical Specifications
  10. Pinouts
  11. i2c device permissions
  13. References

The Adafruit Module:

The generic Module (Front and Rear):
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The GY-BMP280 module operates from 3.3V so requires 3.3V power and must be driven with 3.3V logic levels. If needed to operate at 5V, it can be done using voltage regulator and level shifters as it doesn’t contain one. It is typically recommended to operate it on 3.3V and maximum at 3.6VDC. The module GY-BMP280 module simply supports both I²C and SPI interfaces and comes with default I²C address of 0x76. The Chip Select (CSB) and Serial Data Output (SDO) pins of the BMP 280 are necessary only when SPI-based (four-wire) communication is applied. I2C is a two wire interface SDA SCK.

Leave pin 6 of the module (SDO) unconnected to set the I²C address to 0x76 – the on-board resistor pulls the SDO pin low setting the address to 0x76.

To change the I²C address to 0x77, connect pin 6 of the module (SDO) to Vcc which would typically be the 3.3V supply.

Pin 5 of the module (CSB) must be connected to Vcc to select the I²C interface. This is already done by an on-board pull-up resistor, so pin 5 can be left disconnected when using the I²C interface.


Wiring Connections

RPi-to-bmp280.png pi-and-bmp280_schem.png


Electrical Specifications



Pin No.Pin NamePin Description
1VCCPower source of 3.3VDC
3SCLSerial Clock
4SDASerial Data
5CSBCSB pin to GND to have SPI and to VCC(3.3V) for I2C. It’s an input to the chip.
6SDOSerial Data Out / Master In Slave Out pin, for data sent from the BMP280 to your processor


i2c device permissions

wget -O


Raspberry Pi Code Example


RaspberryPI BME280 / BMP280 sensor how to: [Top][Home]


BOSCH - Digital Pressure Sensor:

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