LM2596S-DS2596 1.5V 30V Buck Stepdown

LM2596-LED-1.jpg LM2596-LED-1.jpg
LM2596-LED-1.jpg LM2596-LED-1.jpg
Programming Instruction:

To Calibration Output Voltage:
  1. Adjust the right button so that "OUT" LED lighted, the voltmeter shows the
    value of output voltage; Press the right button for more than 2 seconds,
    release, voltmeter and "OUT" LED flashes in synchronisation so that you
    enter the output voltage calibration mode.
  2. Press the right button (short press), the voltage value increases one unit
    unit; Press the left button, the voltage decreases one unit; As a unit is
    less than 0.1V, the minimum voltage display to 0.1V, so you need to
    continuously press 1-5 times to see the voltmeter change 0.1V, how many
    times voltmeter change 0.1V by pressing the key, depending on the current
    display voltage, the higher the voltage, the fewer the number of press.
  3. Press the right button for more than 2 seconds, release, to exit the output
    voltage calibration mode. All parameters set to automatically power down to save.

Output voltage calibration steps:

1. Recommended to confirm voltages with a multimeter.

2. If The module can not be adjusted, and the output voltage is always equal to the input voltage, then counterclockwise rotation of the potentiometer 10 laps or more, then attempt to adjust the output voltage. This can be caused if the factory default output voltage is 20V.


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