A35 - Constant Current Buck Boost Module

  1. Specification



Product parameters:
Input voltage: 5 ~ 30V
Output voltage: 0.5 ~ 30V
Output current: 3A (add heat up to 4A)
Output power: 35W (add heat up to 60W)
Output ripple: 20mV (12V 3A), while the common module is far more than 100mV!
Conversion efficiency: 87 ~ 91%(Boost); 87 ~ 89%(Buck)
(This parameter will change according to the pressure and load)
Input overcurrent protection: 10A fuse
Input anti-protection: High efficiency MOS type
Input Undervoltage Protection: Yes
Output overcurrent protection: Yes
Operating frequency: 180KHZ
Board size: 69 * 28 * 21mm

1 it cao buck and boost.
no matter how large is the input voltage, the output voltage can be fixed on 12V.
when input voltage is 12V, the output voltage can be bucked to 5V, or boosted to 24V.
2. constant current function.
when the input voltage is among 5-30V, It can charge the battery, lithium battery, AA Rechargeable Battery.
3. you can set up the value of constant current without the help of multimeters.
it is easy to use the single lap potentiometer with scales.
4. the real ultra-low output ripple voltage!
Low ESR capacitor + two-stage filter, suitable for audio amplifier board, analog circuit power supply!
5. perfect protection function!
MOS type anti-anti-burning circuit, input undervoltage shutdown, output over-current protection.
6. turn the lights function! Easy to use!
Constant current charge when the red light and blue light, constant voltage charging only bright blue light, close to full when the blue light and green light, full of light only when the green light!
Package Include:
1 x  DC-DC Auto Step Up Step Down Power Supply Constant Current Buck Boost Module

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