Surge Protector UHF Female to Female



The surge protector has a built-in gas discharge surge arrestor element. This device can discharge and restoration repeatedly. No replacement is needed. The coaxial construction of this device assures excellent high frequency characteristics,wide bandwidth,and low loss and VSWR.

Specification: Installation:

Crimp or solder a copper wire 2.5 to 3.2mm diameters, and connect to a ground buried deep in the soil ground. It is recommended to keep the for surge protector and the ground short as possible. Use an isolated independent ground point. Make sure ground resistance low. Make ground plate area wide as possible to allow the plate to contact with earth soil as wide area as possible by burring wide copper plate. Isolate the ground far away as possible from other grounding. The unit isn't waterproof, so locate it on the place where is not expose to direct rain fall.


Glenn Lyons VK4PK
Ver:gnl20220107 - pre published v0.9