Surge Protector N-type CA-23RP

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CA-35RS CA-23RP PL259 SO239 Radio Repeater Coaxial Lightning Antenna Surge
This product adopts the principle of 1/4 short-circuit wavelength to achieve
good lightning protection effect. The arrester has a solid structure, beautiful
appearance and convenient installation.
One end is connected to the antenna, and one end is connected to the feeder.
The side of the arrester has a screw ring for grounding. It can be inserted into
a thick copper wire and pressed tightly with a vise. Then the other end of the
copper wire is connected to the lightning protection net on the top of the building.
The contact must be sufficient.

requency Range:DC-1000MHz
Loss ≤0.2dB
Withstand power:400W PEP
Voltage at discharge start:DC350V+-15%
Discharge voltage of shock wave(1 x 40)uS:1,000V
Withstand current of shock wave(1 x 40)uS:6,000A
Repetitive discharge of shock wave(1 x 40)uS 500A,over 500 times:DC350V±20%
Insulating resistance DC 100V:Over 10,000M ohm
Type:CA-23RP or CA-35RS

Glenn Lyons VK4PK
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