Manson SPA8330B

Manson SPA8330B front view
Manson SPA8330B rear view
Bench Top Power Supply:

An advanced new circuit design makes this power supply with higher efficiency, regulated output and specifically suitable for use with radio equipment. The power supply provides a stable, clean and RFI filteredsuppressed and filtered DC source.

The smart fan speed control program will adapt the just the right speed (0-100%) to ensure a quiet and safe operation at various ambient temperature and power output.

The isolated ground design allow parallel and series connection of power supplies. The constant current limiting,over temperature, over voltage protections offer reliabilityand protection to the power supplies and the load.

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User Manual: SPA-8330 SWITCHED MODE POWER SUPPLY - USER’S MANUAL (spa8330m.pdf) (Local)

Procon Technology,, has a range of desk-top power supplies.

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