Network Relay Switch Controller



Material Download:
  • (password: qr9e)

    Network Parameters:
  • Support to control across gateway (need to set router retransmission), remote control need to solve the problem of dynamic IP by yourself(public IP is not the same every time router starts up)
  • TCP Support Command: 01 reads relay status, 05 operates single relay, 0f operates all relays, 02 read switch on-off input.

    Product Control Command:
  • Send on1 will open the first way relay,
  • Send off1 will close the first way relay, 2-8 way control method is the same. Send read will read relay state, if return to relay00000001, it means the first way relay is energized, 2-8 way relays are dis-energized. Support time delay control, for example, Send:on1:02, means relay is energized for 2 seconds then dis-energized Send:on: 12 means relay is energized for 12 seconds then dis-energized, the longest delay time is 99 seconds.

    Application: 1. Can be used in smart home control. 2. Can be used for secondary development of mobile phone or computer remote control lights, motors, and other electrical equipment. 3. Can be used in computer room power failure detection, can be connected to human body infrared sensor, button switch and smoke alarm output. 4. Can be used for access control system, control computer to turn on, and remote control electric appliance. 5. Can smoke alarm output, can meet the human body infrared detector output, 6. Can pick button switch, can pick up any passive switch input, and can also meet the active switch input (connect 5 v active switch amount). 7. Can control by external network, mobile phone remote control (mobile phone APP should developed by yourself).

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