Hamshield on Arduino

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This Kickstart project.


As at march 2018 it is open for pre orders and it is an open hardware project. Source is freely available.

Form Factor: Arduino-compatible stackable shield
Arduino Pins: I2C; GPIO, PWM and ADC
Frequency RX/TX: 134-174MHz, 200-260MHz, 400-520MHz
Amateur Radio Bands: 2 Meter, 1.25 Meter, 70 Centimeter
Power Output: 250 milliwatts (preliminary) 
Radio SoC: Auctus A1846S
Channel Bandwidth: Selectable between 12.5KHz and 25KHz
Subaudio Modes: CTCSS, CDCSS (transmit/receive independent)
Advanced Features: Volume, Squelch, VOX, DTMF encode, DTMF decode, tail noise elimination, tone generator, tone detector, RSSI 
Pre-Emphasis: Can be disabled to assist with digital modes
Antenna Connector: SMA, 50 Ohm (optional "rubber duck")
Audio Connection: Hardware selectable between TRRS (mobile phone style headset) and Arduino PWM/ADC inputs and outputs, PWM/ADC smoothing filters built in
Input Voltage Range: 5-20VDC, 4xAA, 7.4 volt lithium battery pack, power adapter capable (requires external power supply as Arduino does not supply enough power for shield)

Glenn Lyons VK4PK
Ver:gnl2018p310 - pre published v0.9