Toshiba HDD1808 - MK8025GAL

Toshiba 80 GB hard drive - MK8025GAL

Sturdy and high-performing, this Toshiba 80 GB hard drive is ideal for giving you industrial strength and data integrity. This Toshiba 80 GB hard drive is a wonderful choice for handling intensive data storage needs. System builders and small business owners alike are impressed by the performance and speed of the Toshiba HDD1808. Featuring sturdy construction, this internal 1.8" hard drive is very dependable, enabling you to enjoy the benefits of long-lived trouble-free operation without fear of disk crashes or mechanical breakdowns. The Toshiba HDD1808 is easily installable, so you can effortlessly hook it up to machines compatible with the ATA-100 interface. The ample storage capacity featured on this Toshiba 80 GB hard drive allows you to save your entire family's important digital archives, high-definition videos, and oftware programs with room to spare. Furthermore, the Toshiba HDD1808 features a lightning-fast 4200 RPM spindle speed enabling you to copy massive data files, MP3s, and videos without waiting a long time. This internal 1.8" hard drive has an 8 MB data buffer, therefore you can revel in the best possible data access speeds while Transferring data, backup up your system, or loading software.

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