MFJ-MFJ-916B Duplexer

  1. MFJ-916B Description
  2. Two Possible Configurations

MFJ Model H0-001292A Duplexer

MFJ-916B Description

The MFJ-916B duplexer is a series of inductance coils and capacitors that act as a band-pass filter. Your MFJ duplexer can be used two different ways. The duplexer combines the output of the HF/VHF transceiver and the output of the UHF transceiver so that both transceivers can be connected to the same antenna. The duplexer can also be used to separate HF/VHF transmissions from UHF transmissions so that one transceiver can be connected to two antennas. The MFJ-916B is designed for indoor use. If you use the MFJ-916B outdoors, it should only be used for short periods of time under good weather conditions.


Two Possible Configurations

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