Yaesu Wire-X / System Fusion

  1. The Wire-x System
  2. The Four Operating Modes of System Fusion
  3. References


The Wire-x System



The Four Operating Modes of System Fusion

  1. VW - Voice Wide + Digital Narrow or V/D
  2. DW - Digital Wide - Highspeed Data Transfer data such as images or text messages at full rate with speeds up to 9600 Bits-per-second
  3. DN - Digital Narrow
  4. FM - Analog FM Mode Maintains backwards compatibility with existing Analog FM Equipment, allowing
    a wide range of users to experiment with System Fusion Digital

Capabilities such as Automatic Mode Select (AMS) On the DR-1X Repeater allow an even wider range of users to communicate, by running the repeater in “Fixed FM” mode on Transmit, and “Automatic Mode Select” on receive the repeater will automatically detect the incoming signal and convert it to an Analog FM Transmission. This mode allows digital users to communicate with existing Analog FM users without the need to switch their radios into FM Mode, allowing crystal clear Digital reception into the repeater that is converted into a conventional FM Signal.



How does Fusion, Wires-X, YSF and FCS work?:

YCS Server - C4FM System Fusion II Multiprotocol Server:

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