1. Requiremnets to make use of Dial-a-TG
  2. HOw to Dial a Talk Group
  3. Unlinking from a Dialed Talk Group
  4. References


Requiremnets to make use of Dial-a-TG

To use the Dial-a-TG program the radio with a Group Call channel set to Talk Group 9 on Time Slot 2. This verion of the codeplug will upgrade the RT3s to include Talk Group 9

Note: You can access Talk Groups in the normal way via pre made channels on One/Both Slots.


HOw to Dial a Talk Group

To link a Talk Groups, select TG9 and make a Manual Private Call.

For example on the Retevis RT3s to connect the the UK Call Talk Group, 2350:
  1. Select the FreeDMD Zone
  2. Change to TG9
  3. Press the #-key for a few seconds to enter Manual Dial
  4. Press the Down Arrow to select Private call
  5. Press the Menu Key to Confirm
  6. Enter 2350
  7. Hold the PPT for up to 3 Seconds
  8. The repeater/hotspot will respond with a voice announcement “Linked to 2350.“

Do not change the Talk Group on the radio or the "dialed" Talk Group will be lost. You will now be communicating on Talk Group 2350 via Talk Group 9. Your RF will be going into the hotspot or repeqater on Talg Group 9 but going out to all other partied on Talk Gropup 2350.

Voice announcements come back on 5000.

You can link to any Talk Group using this methord.

You will need Hang Time for Private Call or Person Call set to 3 sec in the CPS. This will drop the Private Call back to TG9 in 3 seconds to QSO on the Talk Group.


To disconnect or unlink nanual Dial 4000 Private Call, PTT for up to 3 seconds. The repeater/hotspot will respond with a voice announcement “Not Linked”. You can move to a new Talk Group without doing a 4000. Just call the next Talk Group as above and PTT for up to 3 sec. Would be recommended to make a 4000 unlink channel. Add 4000 as a Private call to the radio. Set TG9 in the RX Group. Now when you get a GAP in RX you can PTT and unlink.

GET STATUS. To enquire about the Talk Group linked. Manual Dial 5000 Private Call, PTT and the repeater/hotspot will respond with the currently linked Talk Group.

TIME OUT. Hotspots will stay linked to a called Talk Group for a maximium of 999 minutes (16 hours), Or for the time you or the repeater manager has set in Options: Timer=15.

Repeaters and hotspots will stay linked to a called Talk Group depending on what has been set in UA .Timer (example 15mins). Each Repeater can set the Time Out length as they so wish.



“Dial-a-TG” Enhanced Talk Groups:


Glenn Lyons VK4PK
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