Connecting to Reflectors

  1. List of Reflectors


Reflectors can be accessed on talk group 9 on slot 2 (DMR+ Network)

To access reflectors, you’ll need to program your radio a little differently. First, check the status of your local repeater on the website or use talk group 5000. Now connect to the reflector you want by programming its number as your TX talk group. For example, talk group 4400 is UK Calling. When you’ve established the connection, use talk group 9 for both TX and RX for the duration of the QSO. Finally when you’re done disconnect the reflector from the repeater by TX on talk group 4000 or do nothing and the talk group will time out and revert after 15 minutes.

Programming your radio The easiest way to access reflectors is by programming sequential memories with the appropriate talk groups.

Choose your local repeater and program the following channels on time slot 2: Source: and


List of Reflectors

Pi-Star lists Reflectors available on DMR+.

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