GUIslice library

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A lightweight GUI framework for embedded displays:


The GUIslice Builder is a standalone desktop application that is more than a layout tool for your UI. It's designed as Low Code GUI Generator for User Interfaces that make use of GUIslice API.

The cross-platform utility includes a WYSIWYG graphical editor that enables drag & drop placement of UI elements. Once a GUI has been laid out, the Builder can then generate a fully functional GUIslice Graphical UI complete with plug-in points for your custom application.

The GUIslice API framework code can handle hardware like Arduino, ESP8266, ESP32 and more. It supports Graphic libraries like Adafruit's GFX, M5Stack, TFT_eSPI and LINUX with a wide variety of TFT Display Drivers and combinations of Touch support chips.

The generated output code (*.c, *.ino, *_GSLC.h) includes all of the necessary defines, UI storage elements and initialization in addition to the placement of the UI elements. This will greatly improve the ease in creating a new Graphical Application.

You can find Example project files inside GUIslice/examples/builder


Installing GUIslice Builder on LINUX


Startup Script

Glenn Lyons VK4PK
Ver:gnl20201102 - pre published v0.9