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DX Commander Guide:



DIY Build of DX Commander Antenna for HF Ham Radio - multi band quarter wave length vertical:

How to build a multi-band HF Vertical Antenna - DX Commander Rapide You can build this ham radio antenna - or you can build mine from a kit?! Based on a 7m telescopic pole and will work from 40m through to 2m band.

 Cut Chart as follows. Cut your elements this long:

 30m 7.99 (includes 2 x 6cm loops and a 1.29m return off the top)
 20m 4.95 (all these have a 6cm loop incorporated into this cut chart)
 17m 3.85
 15m 3.29
 12m 2.81
 10m 2.50

To clarify: Taking the 10m band for instance, cut your element at 2.50m exactly 
  and fold-back a loop of 6cm which makes the new total length of 2.44m.

 Callum, M0MCX, DX Commander.

 00:00 Intro
 00:57 Parts required1
 02:38 Tensioning elements
 04:25 Longest element - 30m
 05:16 SWR Curves
 08:24 40m Example
 09:14 Modelling multi-band antenna
 11:39 Acheving 5/8 on 10m band

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DX Classic + 80 meter

DX Commander CLASSIC (plus 80m) HF Multi-Band Vertical Kit:


Costing for DX Commander

DX Commander CLASSIC (plus 80m) HF Multi-band vertical kit:

DX Commander CLASSIC (plus 80m) HF Multi-band vertical kit £309.00
Weight Based Shipping:
Shipping to Russell Island, Queensland 4184, Australia .£65.00
Total £374.00

As at March 2024:
374 GBP — British Pound to 723.18 AUD — Australian Dollar
(1 GBP ≈ 1.93 AUD • 25 Mar, 10:44 GMT+10)

Say $750 AUD Delivered

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