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The LDG Z-11 is a QRP tuner that can handle 0.1 to 60 watts (30 continuous) of RF power over the range of 1.8-30 MHz.

The Z-11 features high quality design and manufacturing from our circuit boards to the enclosures made by Ten-Tec. The Z-11 QRP Autotuner is based on the AT-11 design with attention paid to reducing size and power consumption. The tuner is a high efficiency, microprocessor controlled, switched "L" network designed to work with Dipoles, Verticals, Inverted Vees, Beams or any coax fed antenna in the 1.8 - 30 MHz range. It's small size and weight make it perfect for installing in existing QRP transmitters.

The Z-11 features latching relays which, once tuned, can be powered off and operated on your selected frequency band with no current draw from your power source. The Z-11 features an autosleep mode which turns itself off for you, tuning is then activated by pressing a button. Click here to view interior. Click here to rear panel. Radio cables are not included (see below).



Source: https://www.universal-radio.com/catalog/hamtune/0948.html


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