Yaesu GB232B Serial Interface

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Yaesu GS-232 Command Reference

Yaseu GS-232B Command

B              - Report elevation
C              - Report azimuth
C2             - Report azimuth and elevation
S              - Stop all rotation
A              - Stop azimuth rotation
E              - Stop elevation rotation
L              - Rotate azimuth left (CCW)
R              - Rotate azimuth right (CW)
D              - Rotate elevation down
U              - Rotate elevation up
Mxxx           - Move to azimuth
Wxxx yyy       - Move to azimuth xxxx and elevation yyy
X1             - Change to azimuth rotation speed setting 1
X2             - Change to azimuth rotation speed setting 2
X3             - Change to azimuth rotation speed setting 3
X4             - Change to azimuth rotation speed setting 4
O              - Azimuth offset calibration
F              - Azimuth full scale calibration
O2             - Elevation offset calibration
F2             - Elevation full scale calibration
P36            - Switch to 360 degree mode
P45            - Switch to 450 degree mode
Z              - Toggle north / south centered mode
H              - Help

Backslash Commands

\Ax[xxx][.][xxxx] - manually set azimuth
\Bx[xxx][.][xxxx] - manually set elevation
\C                - display clock
\D                - activate debug logs
\E                - initialize EEPROM
\Fxx              - change I/O pin LOW, xx = pin number
\Gxxxxxx          - set coordinates using grid square
\Ix[x][x]         - set az starting point
\I                - display the current az starting point
\Jx[x][x]         - set az rotation capability
\J                - display the current az rotation capability
\Kx               - force disable the az brake even if a pin is defined (x: 0 = enable, 1 = disable)
\K                - display the current az brake state
\L                - rotate to long path
\Mx               - activate or deactivate moon tracking (x: 0 = deactivate, 1 = activate)
\Nxx              - change I/O pin HIGH, xx = pin number
\Oyyyymmddhhmm    - set clock (enter UTC time, not local time)
\P                - park antenna
\Q                - Save settings in the EEPROM and restart
\R                - remote port receive sniff activate/deactivate
\S[string]        - send text out remote port
\T                - remote port transmit sniff activate/deactivate
\Ux               - activate or deactivate sun tracking (x: 0 = deactivate, 1 = activate)
\V[-]x[.][x][x][x]- configure clock timezone offset in hours
\Wxxyyy           - turn on pin PWM; xx = pin number, yyy = PWM value (0-255)
\XM               - calibrate azimuth and elevation to current moon position
\XS               - calibrate azimuth and elevation to current sun position
\X0               - clear calibration to defaults
\Y                - query AutoPark status
\Yx[x][x][x]      - deactivate or activate AutoPark and set timer time
\Z                - suspend automatic remote commands
\+                - azimuth LCD display mode switch: normal, raw degrees, +overlap
Source: https://www.jzgelectronics.com/gs-232b-command-reference/


User Manual

docs/gs232b.pdf [PDF]




Glenn Lyons VK4PK
Ver:gnl20200416 - pre published v0.9