1. Supermon
  2. Sutermon2 Manual
  3. Extending Supermon's Auto Logout Time

Supermon2 is a super-set of Supermon and Allmon with enhancements to make it more efficient, friendly, and secure.


The detailed instruction on how to set up supermon are here:

To setup supermon:

To start supermon in the browser type the following. Once Supermon starts you will see a basic screen layout. Then login with the username of your call-sign and the password entered above to get a more detailed screen layout:

How to Setup Supermon in Asterisk AllStar on RPi2 or 3 Part 2:


Sutermon2 Manual

Supermon2 Manual:


Extending Supermon's Auto Logout Time

Extend login time or eliminate auto log out altogether:

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