Zoiper Server Side Setup

  1. ASL Server Side Setup

How to setup User Logins:


ASL Server Side Setup

Zoiper is an iOS and Android VoIP telephone app that can be used with AllStar.

AllStar Node Settings The Zoiper configuration below allows connections to any node on your AllStar server.

In /etc/asterisk/iax.conf or /etc/asterisk/custom/iax.conf add the following lines. This sets the user ID to zoiper and password to the password of your choice. Any number of users can use this ID at the same time.

If you want to have individual IDs, use the configuration below in place of or in addition to the configuration above. Repeat these lines for each user, replacing [CALLSIGN] with the users call sign and replace with call sign in caps ie callerid=“CALLSIGN”. Repeat for as many users as needed.

In /etc/asterisk/extensions.conf or /etc/asterisk/custom/extensions.conf add the following lines. All of the users created in iax.conf will use this same configuration.

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