1. ARA AllStar FOB with GPIO
  2. ARA AllStar FOB
  3. ARA AllStar FOB Manual
  4. Cmedia CM119B


These ARA-1 board will be offered for $40 US shipped and the ARA-1+ for $50 US shipped. Both boards are completely assembled with all cables making them one of the least expensive US manufactured radio interface boards available. Payment by check or Paypal. Contact George, WB3DZZ – to order.

ARA AllStar FOB with GPIO

ARA AllStar FOB with GPIO connector



TecNo By George, LLC is an organization of HAMs that provide AllStar Link Network nodes and other components. The company was founded by Hams for Hams in 2019.


ARA AllStar FOB Manual

ARA AllStar FOB Manual

TechNo By George, LLC:


Cmedia CM119B

The C-Media CM119B is a highly integrated, crystal-free USB audio single chip solution optimized for USB headset, headphone, and dongle applications such as VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol).


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