CLI Commands

core show file formats Displays file formats
core show file version List versions of files used to build Asterisk
core show functions Shows registered dialplan functions
core show function Describe a specific dialplan function
core show globals Show global dialplan variables
core show hints Show dialplan hints
core show image codecs Displays a list of image codecs
core show image formats Displays image formats
core show license Show the license(s) for this copy of Asterisk
core show profile Display profiling info
core show switches Show alternative switches
core show threads Show running threads
core show translation Display translation matrix
core show uptime Show uptime information
core show version Display version info
core show video codecs Displays a list of video codecs
core show warranty Show the warranty (if any) for this copy of Asterisk

dahdi destroy channel Destroy a channel
dahdi restart Fully restart DAHDI channels
dahdi show cadences List cadences
dahdi show channels Show active DAHDI channels
dahdi show channel Show information on a channel
dahdi show status Show all DAHDI cards status

database del Removes database key/value
database deltree Removes database keytree/values
database get Gets database value
database put Adds/updates database value
database show Shows database contents
database showkey Shows database contentsCLI COMMANDS

dialplan add extension Add new extension into context
dialplan add ignorepat Add new ignore pattern
dialplan add include Include context in other context
dialplan reload Reload extensions and *only* extensions
dialplan remove extension Remove a specified extension
dialplan remove ignorepat Remove ignore pattern from context
dialplan remove include Remove a specified include from context
dialplan show Show dialplan

dnsmgr refresh Performs an immediate refresh
dnsmgr reload Reloads the DNS manager configuration
dnsmgr status Display the DNS manager status

echolink dbdump Dump entire echolink db
echolink dbflush Flushing echolink db
echolink dbget Look up echolink db entry
echolink debug level Enable echolink debugging

feature show Lists configured features
feature show channels List status of feature channels
file convert Convert audio file

g729 debug Toggle g729 codec frame size statistics

group show channels Display active channels with group(s)

help Display help list, or specific help on a command

http show status Display HTTP server status

iax2 dump registry Dump IAX registration data
iax2 provision Provision an IAX device
iax2 prune realtime Prune a cached realtime lookup
iax2 reload Reload IAX configuration
iax2 set debug Enable IAX debugging
iax2 set debug jb Enable IAX jitterbuffer debugging
iax2 set debug jb off Disable IAX jitterbuffer debuggingCLI COMMANDS
iax2 set debug off Disable IAX debugging
iax2 set debug trunk Enable IAX trunk debugging
iax2 set debug trunk off Disable IAX trunk debugging
iax2 show cache Display IAX cached dialplan
iax2 show callnumber usag Show current entries in ip Call number limit table
iax2 show channels List active IAX channels
iax2 show firmware List available IAX firmwares
iax2 show netstats List active IAX channel netstats
iax2 show peers List defined IAX peers
iax2 show peer Show details on specific IAX peer
iax2 show provisioning Display iax provisioning
iax2 show registry Display IAX registration status
iax2 show stats Display IAX statistics
iax2 show threads Display IAX helper thread info
iax2 show users List defined IAX users
iax2 test losspct Set IAX2 incoming frame loss percentage

indication add Add the given indication to the country
indication remove Remove the given indication from the country
indication show Display a list of all countries/indications

keys init Initialize RSA key passcodes
keys show Displays RSA key information

local show channels List status of local channels

logger mute Toggle logging output to a console
logger reload Reopens the log files
logger rotate Rotates and reopens the log files
logger show channels List configured log channels

manager show command Show a manager interface command
manager show commands List manager interface commands
manager show connected List connected manager interface usersCLI COMMANDS
manager show eventq List manager interface queued events
manager show users List configured manager users
manager show user Display information on a specific manager user

mixmonitor Execute a MixMonitor command.

module load Load a module by name
module reload Reload configuration
module show List modules and info
module show like List modules and info
module unload Unload a module by name

no debug channel

originate Originate a call

realtime load Used to print out RealTime variables.
realtime update Used to update RealTime variables.

restart gracefully Restart Asterisk gracefully
restart now Restart Asterisk immediately
restart when convenient Restart Asterisk at empty call volume

rpt cmd Execute a DTMF function
rpt core_debug level Enable app_rpt kb4fxc_debugging
rpt debug level Enable app_rpt debugging
rpt dump Dump app_rpt structs for debugging
rpt fun Execute a DTMF function
rpt fun1 Execute a DTMF function
rpt irlpplay Play Back an Audio File Locally
rpt localnodes Dump list of local node numbers
rpt localplay Play Back an Audio File Locally
rpt lookup Perform a node database lookup for 
rpt lstats Dump link statistics
rpt nodes Dump node list
rpt page Page a user on a nodeCLI COMMANDS
rpt playback Play Back an Audio File Globally
rpt reload Reload app_rpt config
rpt restart Restart app_rpt
rpt sendall Send a Text message to all
rpt sendtext Send a Text message to specific node
rpt setvar Set an Asterisk channel variable
rpt showvars Display Asterisk channel variables
rpt stats Dump node statistics
rpt xnode Dump extended info

rtcp debug ip Enable RTCP debugging on IP
rtcp debug Enable RTCP debugging
rtcp debug off Disable RTCP debugging
rtcp stats Enable RTCP stats
rtcp stats off Disable RTCP stats

rtp debug ip Enable RTP debugging on IP
rtp debug Enable RTP debugging
rtp debug off Disable RTP debugging

say load set/show the say mode

show parkedcalls Lists parked calls

soft hangup Request a hangup on a given channel

stop gracefully Gracefully shut down Asterisk
stop now Shut down Asterisk immediately
stop when convenient Shut down Asterisk at empty call volume
stun debug Enable STUN debugging
stun debug off Disable STUN debugging
susb active Change commanded device
susb key Simulate Rx Signal Present
susb set debug Radio Debug
susb set debug off Radio DebugCLI COMMANDS
susb tune Radio Tune
susb unkey Simulate Rx Signal Lusb

transcoder show Display DAHDI transcoder utilization.

udptl debug Enable UDPTL debugging
udptl debug ip Enable UDPTL debugging on IP
udptl debug off Disable UDPTL debugging

usrp show

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