1. SR110U SHARI Allstarlink Node
  2. SR110U pinouts
  3. Board Setting
  4. Chipsets
  5. Radio Module Programming
  6. Schematic
  7. AT+ Commands
  8. References
  9. Build December 2023

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SR110U SHARI Allstarlink Node

SHARI (SR110U Ham Allstar Radio Interface) is a ham project designed by N8AR that implements a Raspberry Pi hosted Allstar node using a NiceRF SR110U or SA818 embedded UHF (420 -450 MHz) radio module. It will operate with a Pi2/Pi3, or Pi4 with USB connector positions swapped. SHARI is designed for construction and use in the amateur radio service by licensed amateur radio operators who can assure that their assembled SHARI kit meets operating requirements including RF frequency, deviation and required power levels at the fundamental and harmonic frequencies.

The SR110U version utilises the SRFRS python program to change the frequency. Other than that there is no difference in functionality between the SA818 and the SR110.

In order to create an Allstar node, SHARI plugs into two USB jacks on a Raspberry Pi2/Pi3 or Pi4 for power, the Allstar interface and radio programming (a short Male to Female USB extender cable can be used if desired).

Hardware required:
  1. A fully assembled SHARI Pi3U, Pi3V, Pi4U or Pi4V.
  2. A Raspberry Pi 2, Pi 3 or Pi4 . The Pi2 or Pi3 is normally used with the SHARI Pi3(U), while the Pi4 is normally used with the SHARI Pi4(U)
  3. A case for the Raspberry Pi. A metal case is preferred but if you want to use a WiFi connection instead of a wired network connection then a plastic case may be required to obtain adequate range.
  4. A micro SD card, 16GB or larger, Class 10 or better is recommended.
  5. A power supply for the Pi-This should be a power supply intended for the version of the Raspberry Pi. These supplies typically provide 5.1 to 5.2 VDC to the Pi. Current requirements vary with version. Numerous problems with Allstar Nodes have been traced to inadequate power supplies.
SHARI Allstar Node Setup and Configuration Guide (In short version)
  1. Setup radio chip settings using program running on the Raspberry Pi
  2. Create an Account with Allstar
  3. Create a Server and Request a Node number
  4. Load the Software
  5. Configuring Allstar
  6. Configuring SimpleUSB-Tune-Menu for SHARI
  7. Connecting and Configuring SHARI
  8. Setting Receive and Transmit Voice Levels
  9. Testing DTMF Decoding
  10. Enabling the COS LED


SR110U pinouts



Board Setting

Chipsets employed are the C-media CM119B or CM108B USB audio IC's, the SR110U or SA818 UHF embedded radio module.
Note the absence to the ceramic filter on the RF output line from the radio module to the antenna jack.


This module appears to be a derative of Shenzhen Shangruisi Electronics Co. Ltd's SR-FRS-1WU 400MHz-480MHz 1W UHF Analog walkie talkie module, http://www.sunrisedigit.com/product/33-cn.html


Front panel LEDs indicate the status of SHARI LEDS.webp

SHARI RF output power is 500 to 1000(default) milliwatts. The RF power output can be increased to a therotical 1 watt by closing the jumper at , however, heat dissapation must be addressed.




SR-110U Walkie Talkie Transceiver /Data transfer Module - 1W / UHF(400M-480M) - Datasheet V303:

USB to serial chip CH340:

312-434 MHz Low Pass Ceramic Filter:


Radio Module Programming

An appplication is used to set the frequency and other paramaters of the radio module.

Windows SA-818 SA818 SR110 SR-FRS Radio Module Programming Tools for win7 win10 x64:

SR-FRS / SR110U Radio Module Programming:



Source: SHARI-Schematics-Rev-C.pdf


AT+ Commands

  • AT+DMOCONNECT - Open connection
  • AT+DMOSETGROUP - Bandwidth, tx_freq, rx_freq, ctcss tone, squelch, tone, 1
  • AT+SETFILTER - .emphasis, highpass, lowpass
  • AT+SETTAIL - Write and close connection
  • AT+DMOVERQ - Query firmware version



    NOTE: This Manual containg far more information!
    SR_FRS_1WU - Walkie Talkie Transceiver - Data transfer Module - UHF(400M-480M) - Datasheet V101:


    SHARI Construction Manual Version 1.07 :

    Support Group: https://groups.io/g/shari

    Kits4hams Genuine SHARI: https://kitsforhams.com/shari

    SHARI Allstar Node Setup and Configuration Guide:


    Build December 2023

    Glenn Lyons VK4PK
    Ver:gnl20231007 - pre published v0.9