IRLP - Internet Relay Linking Project

The Internet Radio Linking Project, also called IRLP, is a closed-source project that links amateur radio stations around the world by using Voice over IP (VoIP). Each gateway consists of a dedicated computer running custom software that is connected to both a radio and the Internet. This arrangement forms what is known as an IRLP Node. Since all end users communicate using a radio as opposed to using a computer directly, IRLP has adopted the motto "Keeping the Radio in Amateur Radio".


IRLP on a Raspberry Pi

PiRLP (IRLP on a Raspberry Pi) Information Page:


PRLP Circuits

Parallel Logic Radio Interface:

This circuit is fully compatible with the Version 3 IRLP board:



IRLP Home Page:

IRLP Nodes in Australia:


Internet Radio Linking Project (IRLP)


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