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  2. r2cloud Tracking Software
  3. ISS
  4. gpredict
  5. Rotators
  6. Antenna Actuators
  7. ISS Slow Scan TV (SSTV)
  8. Earth Geometry
  9. VK4ZQ - Amateur Radio with an Emphasis on Satellites, Portable and Microwaves
  10. Fox Delta Postion Control Box
  11. pstRotor.EXE by YO3DMU
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Satellite Info Servers by WB4APR, Bob Bruninga:


r2cloud Tracking Software

Use r2cloud in conjunction with rotctrld from hamlib.









SatNOGS Rotator v3:

Also see:
DOSS Remote Automatic Antenna Rotator with Remote Control


Antenna Actuators

How to build a homebrewElevation system for Amateur Satellites:

Access Antennas

Motion Dyanamics


ISS Slow Scan TV (SSTV)


VK4ZQ - Amateur Radio with an Emphasis on Satellites, Portable and Microwaves

Working Amateur Radio Satellites Portable - Posted on 14/07/2019:


Fox Delta Postion Control Box

Fox Delta supply Amateur Radio Projects & Kits. There are three versions of their Satellite Antenna Tracking Interface.
  1. ST2-RS232 Interface for Yaesu compatible Rotors
  2. ST2-0417 USB: PCB REV 0220
  3. ST2-RS485: For Homebrew Stepper Motor Rotors
Satellite Antenna Tracking Interface: ST2-RS232:


ST2-RS485 Interface is developed for homebrew Stepper Motor based Antenna Rotators.

Project uses PIC16F876A and is intended to control two stepper motors by a simple hyper-terminal commands or standard Yeasu GS232 type instruction sets running on a PC software, such as SatPC32, Nova etc.

ST2-Rs485 requires a RS485 adapter at PC-side, which can be either a RS232 D9 type or an USB version using CH340 type chip.

Two independent timing circuits are used to control speed of two stepper motors, AZ and EL.

ST2-RS485 KIT PARTS LIST & SCHEMATICS - Controller for Stepper Motors:


pstRotor.EXE by YO3DMU





LimeSDR December 2021:



Windows based WXTrack:

SatNOGS is an integral part of the Libre Space Foundation. The project aims to build a global network of satellite ground stations. It is designed as an open source participatory project based on the users operating a ground station hat is accessed via a web page for all of the network users.

Facebook - Amateur Radio Satellite Service:


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