VKDMR Server

The Australian VKDMR Network has two servers:

Server Restarts

The system does a 24 Hour Restart to clean out the buffers and any overflows/overruns CRON generate backup and these are checked by the Sysop for issues in Callsigns and Radio ID numbers and RadioID's that do not match Callsigns and IP’s and login locations are captured.


Server Source

My understanding is that the VKDMR is a linux server based upon DMR+ IPSC2 by DG1HT DL5DI aand OE1KBC.

A Early 2015 specification:


Some simplar source:

The VKDMR server is a closes application. The source is not shared.

Glenn Lyons VK4PK
Ver:gnl2021 - pre published v0.9