Gnome Terminal Profiles

Install dconf tools

Check that dconf toolsare loaded:


Using dconf

The command to list profiles:

VK4PK - gsettings API's

[Top][Home] The string (hash code) we need to export is between "[" and ']".

The command to export that profile is (note the ending slash):

Command to restore the profile:



Create a GTerminal profile archive

These scripts store the exported profile archive to the dvd shared drive.
The scripts can be found in ~/data/bin.
They must be run as the user. Not as root.


Load a GTerminal profile

These scripts reads the exported profile archive from the dvd shared drive. DO NOT run this on the same workstation or more than once on anothe workstation or you will end up with multiple duplicate terminal profiles.


VK4PK - gsettings API's

Glenn Lyons VK4PK
Ver:gnl20182018 - pre published v0.9