RFI sm240-12-20 Power Supply


The sm240-12-12 Power supply is specifically designed to charge lead acid 12 volt batteries and maintain a float charge.



Two of these 20 ampere power in parallel to charge two 100Ah sealed lead acid batteres as the emergency power suppy for the Mt Cotton Radio Station, VK4RBD. The is the schematic of DC distribution as drawn by VK4DCM 13 February 2019:

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User Manual

The SME-240-12-20 Owner Manual:
SME240-12-20_user manual_020312.pdf (local)

Note: A pair of normally closed, floating relay contacts are provided to indicate a fault condition. See this manual fo r more details. This relay clould be monitored as part of the Remote Radio Control Application.


Glenn Lyons VK4PK
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