HCL-IPM-V2 buck converter

Model: HCL-IPM-V2 module buck
Input 3.2V-40V output 1.25V-35V
Input voltage range: DC 3.2V to 40V (input voltage output voltage must be higher than 1.5V above can not boost.)
Output voltage range: 1.2V to 35V DC voltage is continuously adjustable, high efficiency (up to 92%) the maximum output current of 3A.
Advantage: use double-sided thick black oil of high quality PCB board, all using imported SMD aluminum electrolytic capacitors, high-power high-Q inductors. Additionally, each plate has a rigorous technical tests, all testing has been completed using a separate antistatic protective bag package.
Specially designed two screw holes. Input and output four pin pads are provided with fixing holes;
Dimensions: 40 (L) * 22 (W) * 14 (H) mm (with potentiometer) on Taobao most adequate material components smallest! More convenient customer self installation of various housing and better fixed.
Note: long working hours is recommended for use in less than 2.5A current, while adding a heat sink (10W output above); 
                   As the buck module, in order to ensure stable output, keep a minimum 1.5V differential. 
The voltage regulator 
    Access to power (3-40V), adjust the blue potentiometer knob (clockwise general boost, buck counter-clockwise) and use a multimeter to monitor the output voltage reaches the needed voltage. 
  1 welding, soldering directly to the power line at the input (output) port; 
  2 solder pins, the pins can be inserted through a lead or plug in the hole using the board; soldered directly to the PCB or add pin after another.
Application examples
   1 vehicle power supply, simply enter the module powered cigarette holder termination point on the car, you can adjust the potentiometer, the output voltage can be adjusted in 1.25-30V, for your phone, MP3, MP4, PSP and other charge many devices powered, very simple and convenient.
   2 to the power electronic device, when the device requires 3-35V supply voltage of the power supply while the corresponding hands, you can easily use this module to the required voltage of the voltage and solve problems.
   3 Operating voltage test system, you can use this module to do the project when debugging a variety of voltage test system operating voltage range, very easy and convenient.

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